How to load a crystal from the Zoo


The Peacock.Zoo module contains functions to generate some of the photonic crystals that I have studied. To avoid polluting the global namespace, these functions are only accessible after calling using Peacock.Zoo, or by calling each function as

Unpacking parameters

Each make_* function returns a NamedTuple containing the geometry, solver, polarisation, and high symmetry $k$-points of the crystal. You can use the @unpack macro from the Parameters module to extract the variables held in the NamedTuple.

For example, the topological photonic crystal first introduced by Wu et al 2015 can be generated using make_wu_topo.

using Parameters  # for the `@unpack` macro

# Load photonic topological insulator from Wu et al 2015
@unpack geometry, solver, polarisation, G, K, M = make_wu_topo(fourier_space_cutoff)

# Preview the crystal

Available crystals

Modules = [Peacock.Zoo]
Private = false